The Ministry of Defence (MoD/Forsvarsdepartementet) has developed their own support materials. Now other countries will adopt them.

Over the course of the last few years, the MoD's logistical organization have decided to assume responsibilty for the development of support materials, rather than procuring existising solutions from abroad. This has turned out to be a wise decision, benefitting the MoD and Norwegian industrial contractors alike.

Norwegian manufacturers:

As far as possible, the MoD has consciously selected small or medium sized manufacturers based in Norway to deliver the materials required. Several smaller companies have thus been given the opportunity to step forward and market themselves:

"For the MoD, quality is paramount. Consequently, we decided that it would be expedient to develop our own support materials, so as to safeguard that the strict requirements of our exacting end-users, would be satisfied; in terms of safety, quality and logistical ease of use. We have chosen mainly Norwegian suppliers, thus foregrounding not only de facto requirements with regard to quality products, but equally importantly, production follow-up and support", observed Major Rudi Løken, Support Material Aquisitions Officer at MoD.

Several interested parties:

The support materials required for overseas operations, encompass everything from tent solutions and large container-based field-kitchens, to toilets, showers and washrooms. Løken discloses that this concept has generated a great deal of interest from other nation states and technical personel in foreign armies who have enquired about the availability of these special tent solutions manufactured by Gudbrandsdal Industrier (GIAX). We already know that Austria have decided to purchase the tent. At present, the final sum has yet to be announced. Earlier this year, we brought some tents with us to Denmark, and the Danes' response has been very positive. Great Britain has also been in the frame. It is therefore great to see that the MoD has managed to create a product capable of arousing so much interest, the Major said. Pertaining to exports, it is first and foremost the Norwegian suppliers who stand to gain from this, but the MoD will recieve a royalty payment for every sale undertaken. We have requested only a small percentage of the sum, which will be re-invested to further develop the tent, Løken said.

Satisfied Users:

At camp Nidaros, the Norwegian camp located in the vicinity of Mazar-e Sharif in Northern Afghanistan, the tent has been in use for two and a half years. User feedback has been largely positive. Confirmation of this overall impression came when Colonel Svein Harthor Andersen, Commanding Officer for the Norwegian Forces in Afghanistan, offered his assessment: The tents function extremely well, and have shown outstanding resistance to the harsh weather-conditions down here. That the tent's materials are of the highest quality is incontestable; after more than two years of use, it is still in very good condition. The sanitary containers are excellent, and the chefs prepare proper Norwegian food in the field-kitchen, the contingent officer said.

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