Area of use:

This tent has been developed in close cooperation with the Norwegian Ministry of Defence. It is intended to cover all needs of a tented camp, phase 2 (established for three months plus), for tropical as well as arctic conditions. It has been field-tested by Norwegian forces, not only as accomodation, surgical hospital and storage tent, but also as dining hall and chapel. It has even been used as camouflage for containers.


The tent has superb insulation capabilities, and is designed and constructed to withstand much heavier snowfall that other, more conventional tents.

Measurements: Sections 6.0m. X 3.5m.

Internal height: 2.25m.

Extension tent Connecting tent: W. 6.4m. x L 6.4m.

and reception/entrace section

These sections may be connected in different ways to suit site specific areas

of use and other requirements.

Accomodation sections:

Can be assembled as areas of privacy.

Ventilation: Distribution hose provides the possibility of additional extensions for the recycling of air.

Entrance door: Insulated and fitted with lock .

Electricity: Lamp and several sockets may be easily fitted to ceiling with camouflaged cable.


When delivered, the complete, dismantled tent is stored in its own steel crate. These can be stacked/stored on top of each other. Four tent crates can be transported in one 20' ISO container.

Extra Equipment:

When developing the NM240 tent system, user adaptability and flexibility were out principal concerns. Therefore, the development of the electrical equipment adapted for tent system, is the end result of close cooperation. These electrical systems are easily mounted on the tent's aluminium frame. For safer daily use, the electrical cables are shielded.

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