The connection has been developed with the cooperation of the Ministry of Defence with flexibility in mind. The NM240 is more flexible than previous incarnation in that several users can utilize the common entrace, which can also double as a reception or social room. The tent can also serve as an independent unit.


The construction tent has been built on the same principle as the NM240, but has an additional weight-bearing pillar in the middle. This tent can be utilized independently, or as a connection with up to four NM240 tents, joined together in cross formation. In truth, there are no obvious limitations for this tent's use. The tent can be adapted for heating or cooling, in every corner, when required. It is fitted with four windows and a PVC floor. If required the tent can be utilized as an extension of the NM240, or supplied with partition walls and a door between the connection tent and the NM240. All equipment, including lighting, for the NM240 can be mounted and used as normal (?) in the connection tent. The connection is ideally suited for adjoining an entertainment/dining hall, or as an extension to a hospital unit. Concurrent with the use of a special connection tent, it can be connected to a standard 20 foot container, like a kitchen unit, for example.

Measurements: WxLxH = 6.5 m. x 6.5 x 2.25m.


The connection tent utilizes the same container as the NM240.

Sleeping/Office Accomodation

To ensure the privacy of personnel (soldiers), Giax in conjunction with the Norwegian Ministry of Defence have developed a flexible solution for partitioning the NM240 so as to provide the possibility of a living room/bedroom or office. 1 cabin is divided into 2 rooms. By simply removing the partition wall, the tent is easily converted into a single space. Thus, needs specific to situation are well catered for. For the best possible indoor climate, there is the option to ventilate via the original ventilation duct of the NM240

The cabin can be be equipped with different possibilites for hanging various equipment.

Used as a double cabin (2 persons)

WxLxH: 1.75m x 2.25m x 2.0m

Used as a single cabin (1 person or office)

WxLxH: 3.50m x 2.25 x 2.50



Zipper doors

Removable/collapsible partition walls for flexible storage

Fire resistant material

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