Field chair

Area of use

The Field chair, developed in cooperation with the Norwegian Ministry of Defence, is intended to cover most needs, both on short excercises and during long term operations.


The chair is extremely solid, and it is manufactured with stability and ease of use in mind. Made to be stable even on uneven ground and surfaces ,(like tent floors), there are no sharp edges that could inflict damage on floors. The chair is equipped with removable seat/back cushions covers. This makes the washing and changing of cushions simple. Both the seat and back rest are upholstered for greatest possible comfort. In addition, the back rest is adjustable, in order to complement different sitting positions. The chair can also be fitted with armrests.


The field chair is foldable and requires very little space during transportation and storage.

Field table

Multipurpose field table developed by the Norwegian Ministry of Defence. This table may be mounted in accordance with the user's requirements; as an office dining hall table/ or for private use in accomodation. The tables can be screwed together for added stability, and the legs are adjustable to accomodate uneven ground.

Transportation/Storage: Is delivered flat-packed.

Measurements: L 1.80m x B 0.8m x W 0.70 m.

Partition wall

In order to safeguard the all-important flexibility of the tent, and make it well suited to the mulifaceted challenges encountered during operational use, Giax have, along with the Ministry og Defence, developed a partition or dividing wall the easily sections off the tent in discrete compartments. The size is 3.5m) These can be used as open office areas or hospital. The partition wall is fitted with a door in the middle for ease of passage. The wall has a socket for a ventilation duct in the corner and a standard lamp in the middle.

Mounted directly into the tent frames built in tracks. No screws necessary.

Covers the whole breadth of the tent 6 x 2.25 m.

Door in the middle

Opening for ventilation duct

Zipper door

Fire resistant material

Clothes hanger

GIAX have produced a clothes hanger for the NM240 for us, which can be mounted directly on the tent's framework. It is very sturdy and can withstand a lot of weight; legs drop down for extra support. It has 24 hooks and all kinds of clothing items can be hung onto it, for all intents and purposes, irrespective of weight.


L= 1.75m x H = 0.25m. (For storage)

L= 3.50m. x H 1.70m. (In use)

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